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  • Today (May 8, 2015) we sheeted almost one half of the total roof.  The 45 degree pitch at a hight point is challenging on the legs but what a roof!! We are using galvanized corrugated metal sheets with heat and wet insulation.  Its looking great.

    R. & S. A. Sydney, Australia
Originally Built circa 1820
in New Paltz, NY
Now Restored In Sydney, Australia
Dimensions 30 x 40
1200 sq. ft.
Eave Height 14′

Antique Materials & Millwork in This Project

Historic Features


Also called a “commander,” these heavy wooden mallets have the mass to move large beams and tighten or loosen mortise and tenon joints.


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Marriage Mark

Most often these chiseled markings appear as Roman numerals on barn beams. They were inscribed there in scribe-ruled barns as way for the joiner, or builder, to keep track of which beams went where as he moved them around. Adjacent beams would have the same number.


They were not always Roman numerals, but often a unique system of symbols worked out by an individual builder.


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