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A grand space makes for a grand time. When customers from Mississippi approached us looking for a timber barn frame to use as a wedding venue, we had just what they were looking for.

This barn, originally from Cooperstown NY, had been built on a dairy farm to preserve massive amounts of hay throughout the winter months. When we restored the frame, we removed the center posts and added large braces to support the beautiful, sawn connecting ties, giving the barn a clear span of 36’.  Now retired from supporting many tons of hay, the restored frame provides that grand space for dozens of weddings every year.

Barn Profile
Originally Built circa 1850
  in Cooperstown, NY
Now Restored In Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Dimensions 36 x 80
  2880 sq. ft.
Largest Timber 12'' x 12''
Eave Height 22
Wood Species Hemlock


  • Chris Ward

    You do amazing work. We are exploring building a new camp/private event facility at Appleton Farms in Ipswich Massachusetts. From start to finish, what was the cost of this project? Thanks, Chris

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