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Often times one barn is not big enough to contain all that the owners want to include in the house, and this home is a great example of joining two distinct barns to form one residence. The front barn is an English-framed barn from about 1830 and the back barn, which includes the kitchen and great room, is a Dutch Barn from the late 1700′s. Both barns were originally built in New York. The craftsmanship is exquisite in this project located outside of New York City. The architect added a clerestory of windows along the ridge of the Dutch barn to let a cascade of light down into the interior, which also features a Texas limestone chimney climbing up to the ridge. The kitchen cabinetry is a combination of different designs and colors and the antique siding on the exterior melds both barns into one.

“The grandest and most elegant barns ever built in America.”
— John Fitchen, Architectural Historian

Barn Profile
Originally Built circa 1820
  in Esperance, NY
Now Restored In Westchester County, NY
Barn Frame - A (Dutch) 40 x 45
1800 sq. ft.
Eave Height 16
Barn Frame - B 30 x 41
1230 sq. ft.
Eave Height 18
Architect Teo Sigüenza Architects

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  • Susan Daniel

    I have experience with Heritage Restorations and they did our log house rebuild/restoration. Very good and knowledgeable firm. SD

  • Danyelle

    I want this! I’d only change a few minor things in blue prints, but there is no pricing guide! Are we talking like a purchase of a home,$250,000 plus or way more like half a mil.?

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