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This huge, sawn-timber hay barn was originally built circa 1870. The flooring, ceiling and exterior siding are vintage reclaimed barn boards. The restored barn is now a guest house, garage and wine cellar for a residential estate in southwestern Connecticut.

  • We adore our “Heritage Barn” and we proudly show it off on all occasions. We have had it included in house/garden tour, it has been part of an article written about it’s surrounding gardens and will soon find it’s way into a coffee table book Connecticut gardens. It has been the sight of family parties, benefits for our philanthropic causes and many other occasions. In every case, each person walking into the barn is rendered speechless!!! We are now hanging contemporary art there to show it off against it’s beautiful walls. Our barn is truly a work of art and it has been a joy doing this project.

    L. G.
    L. G.Greenwich, CT

Barn Profile
Originally Built circa 1860
  in New Scotland, NY
Now Restored In Greenwich, CT
Dimensions 42 x 50
  2100 sq. ft.
Eave Height 18

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  • Patricia Gawlik-Baldwin

    Absolutely Stunning!

  • Tracy

    For give me for asking th indelicate question, but I am serious about building a barn home and love the thoughtfulness of this project. Can you give me an idea –just a general idea of what the final costs were to the client, or would be for a similar project? I assume those costs include locating and buying the barn, any site prep, but not th land?

    Thanks so much for any guidance. I will want to do this project in Connecticut state as well.

  • Winepine

    Love the huge ceilings! The wine cellar is gorgeous too. The wooden wine crate shelving below the racks is great for storage space. If your looking for original wine crates or boxes for future projects visit Winepine.


    Heritage Barns reconstructed this 1870 barn on an estate in Greenwich, Connecticut, where it has been converted into a guest house and garage. The reconstruction included installing reclaimed barn boards as flooring, ceiling, and exterior siding. The interior of the converted barn features a two-story great room with vaulted ceiling and stone fireplace, a full kitchen, wine cellar, and glass conservatory.

  • Amy Keen

    Beautiful home but as a reference, I’m not crazy about the beige plaster walls …

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