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This original hops barn was built in the Mohawk River Valley of upper New York state circa 1860. The restored barn is sided with reclaimed, vintage barn siding, and now serves as an art studio and guest quarters on a ranch in Austin, Texas. Note how the original high loft for drying hops is now used as an open sleeping area, complete with a custom-built slide to get down! Hops barns were developed during the 1800′s for the specific purpose of drying hops, a viney plant that grows on tall poles. Hops were an important cash crop used in the making of beer up until the late 1920′s when the demand for them disappeared because of Prohibition. Hops barns are unique in that they are tall and have a high loft for the drying of the green hops.

Barn Profile
Originally Built circa 1860
  in Canajoharie, NY
Now Restored In Austin, TX
Dimensions 27 x 45
  1215 sq. ft.
Eave Height 18
Architect & Builder Heritage Restorations

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  • Kevin Durkin
    Kevin Durkin

    I just read that they stopped growing hops in New York for another reason than prohibition, I think it was a blight.

  • Danielle Geiler

    I love the stairs with the slide! Is that slide something from a barn or what is it?

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