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The Kendalia Event Barn is an exceptionally wide English frame where contextually late technology fuses with the old to form a vast uninterrupted space. Center columns that would have originally divided the span in half are removed. Forged iron rods suspend the lower connecting ties to the upper ties at the connection of extended diagonal braces and compression timbers to form the a truss system that supports canted queen posts and historic roof rafters. Large divided windows in scale to the high top plate are centered in the the irregularly spaced bays splashing light across the stained and polish ballroom floor.

Even empty, the space feels warm and alive where any visitor feel at ease in a volume that should be dimensionally intimidating. From casual family gatherings to formal black tie galas, events are accommodated with minimal decor and furnishings. The carefully restored historic timber seems to majestically equalize rustic and chic’ finishes for patrons and marries seamlessly in a beautiful backdrop of the iconic Texas Hill Country.

Old World Meets New

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More than any other factor, what differentiated American timber framing from its predecessors in the Old World was when the Old World pioneers came to America, they were confronted with a very different building reality in that the materials they had on hand to build with, namely trees, were vastly different from their experience in […]
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The Glen Barn

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Built c. 1870, the Glen barn is one of the largest barns ever built in New York State measuring forty feet wide by one hundred feet long. Heritage Restorations has restored over 200 barns from New York, and it is the largest barn that they have ever moved and rebuilt. The history of the Glen […]
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Barn Profile
Originally Built circa 1870
  in Glen, NY
Now Restored In Kendalia, TX
Dimensions 40 x 100
  4000 sq. ft.
Eave Height 24
Builder Todd Glowka Builder, Inc.

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  • Cesar Pacheco

    Who do I talk to about getting a barn Built?
    I am interested on knowing about design / cost; etc.
    I am planning to buy a Farm and add the barn for events

  • Todd Glowka

    This was one of my all time favorite projects to build.. The photos don’t do the project and property true justice but it is absolutely spectacular in person..

  • Rebecca cruse

    I love this and would love to know more about turning this into a home for us, please send me more info about getting a barn built

  • Jazmin

    This is gorgeous. Who can I speak to for further details?

    • Caleb

      Hi Jazmin, Thanks! This project turned out great. Please feel free to shoot me an email: Caleb@heritagebarns.com and we can discuss the project in more detail.




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