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This wonderful, big barn morphed from an English Barn in Central New York to a German forebay bank barn in Pennsylvania. The “forebay” is the overhang on the back side of the barn where the cattle would have entered the milking parlor on the lower level. In this barn, this feature has been carefully added onto the back of the barn as an original would have appeared. It is also called a “stone-ender” after the two stone end walls typical of Pennsylvania German barns.

The stone end walls have been accurately and authentically reproduced right down to the vertical “loop hole” ventilation slits. To cap off this huge interior space are the three complimentary-sized cupolas, which when lit at night cast a golden halo over the whole project. This barn is a magnificent re-creation, true in its design, proportions and materials to an historic Pennsylvania bank barn.

Barn Profile
Originally Built circa 1840
  in Little Falls, NY
Now Restored In Newtown, PA
Dimensions 50 x 80
  4000 sq. ft.
Eave Height 20
Architect James H Hefelfinger & Associates

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  • Trish Peterson

    Can you please tell me who built your cupolas?

  • Genesis Almanzar

    Hello, Im in search for a barn to host my wedding reception next year. how can I find out information ?

  • Adam

    what is the approximate cost for this model

  • Caleb Tittley
    Caleb Tittley

    Hello Katie, Please give me a call at 254-716-1013 and I can help you out. Thanks!

    Caleb Tittley
    Heritage Restorations

  • Katie

    How do I find out more about the Newton Barn? We are looking for a barn to host a wedding next year. Thank you!

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