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Nestled in he Texas Hill Country and set on a sweeping bend in the Blanco River with distant views of ancient pecan trees lining the river. What better place to situate your barn home with its wide porch? The unusual limestone floor adds a cool effect during the hot Texas summers while lots of glass brings the views inside. This wonderfully crafted home also has the design of a traditional, historically correct Texas German limestone Sunday house topped with a standing seam metal roof and stone chimneys.

  • The barn is everything we hoped it would be. It is fabulous. It has set a magnificent tone for the rest of the project! I just want to personally thank everyone at Heritage for the wonderful experience we had with your company. Keep up the great service.

    B. & S .H.
    B. & S .H.Riverbend Barn Home, Medina, TX

Barn Profile
Originally Built circa 1800s
  in Ravena, NY
Now Restored In Medina, TX
Dimensions 30 x 41
  1230 sq. ft.
Eave Height 14


  • Howard Creasey

    I have sent emails in the past, my wife has talked to Kevin Durkin and I have exchanged emails with Kevin. I would like to come to your office tomorrow as I am in Temple Friday night and Saturday night. My interest is in the River Bend House. I would like to discuss with Heritage about the possibility of using only in the beams and frames of the barn, using Limestone for the exterior walls and a standing seam tin roof.

    I have several reasons for this construction.
    1) Low maintenance – limestone & standing seam tin roofs both accomplish
    2) Cost – the property is within close proximity to multiple limestone quarries allowing for low transportation costs
    3) Fire hazards – the standing seam tin roof and limestone walls are not only maintenance free but are also non flammable
    4) Aesthetics – the beauty of the Georgetown limestone extracted from nearby quarries in conjunction with the magnificent wooden beams and a standing seam tin roof would be beautiful.

    Howard Creasey

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