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At over 40′ to the peak, this massive, hand-hewn English barn is the tallest historic structure we’ve ever restored. A traditional style timber-framed forebay juts off the front of the barn home as a portico and second story balcony. Vintage reclaimed lumber is used throughout the interior for cabinets, flooring, doors, and other rustic-style millwork.

  • Just a note to say how impressed I was with your crew that erected our barn. It was refreshing to see a team of craftsmen work in unison with honor and pride. Throughout the process every detail was addressed and every question answered with a smile. They certainly exceeded my expectations.

    R. P.
    R. P.Fair Hope, AL

Barn Profile
Originally Built circa 1840
  in Westerlo, NY
Now Restored In Fairhope, AL
Dimensions 48 x 54
  2592 sq. ft.
Largest Timber 54
Eave Height 26'

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  • Julie Moore

    I might need a hot groundskeeper for this one… BEAUTIFUL!

  • Liliana Andreano

    I love the shape of this barn, with the colonial style windows and the pergola with lights coming out.

  • Kelsey Altman

    I don’t really like the siding on it, I think it needs some actual barn wood or possibly a dark burgundy.

  • Chelsea M V

    LOVELOVELOVE the balcony, and windows!

  • Barbara Lee

    Restored barn dressed up for a wedding. Just stunning.

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