Rustic Roof

Whereas the exterior siding of a barn may have been replaced several times over the course of the life of a barn, these roof boards to which multiple generations of wood shingles were nailed, [...]

Weathered Grey

Pine boards left to weather in just the right direct sunlight achieve this beautiful color. There is no chemical process that can reproduce it. Uniformity is essential, so we carefully select [...]

Classic Brown

The deep  brown patina of this wood is not chemically reproduceable, and can only be achieved over many decades of exposure to the right combination of sunlight and air.

Crackled Red

Everyone knows that the traditional color of barns is red, but no one is absolutely certain why. The beauty of worn red paint on pine boards can only be achieved through a long aging process [...]

Threshing Floor

This rare combination of wear and patina has been achieved in the work area of a barn known as the threshing floor. Here farmers carried out the ancient process of threshing, beating the kernels [...]


The art of creating a beautiful, functional and comfortable staircase lives on in our mill shop where we can custom build a unique staircase for your restoration or new-construction project out [...]


These unique and elegant architectural artifacts on top of barns came in use in the late 1800’s mainly to increase ventilation in the mow, hay storage area, of barns. Today we reproduce [...]

Hand Forged Hardware

Aside from a variety of original hardware that we save and restore from the buildings we dismantle, we also reproduce a complete line of wrought iron hardware made by hand in our blacksmith shop [...]