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This unique barn is from Körbin-Alt, part of the town of Pretzsch on the banks of the river Elbe in what is now the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. Unlike most Western European barns with smaller crooked timbers, this large barn is finely crafted with heavy timbers. The hipped gables on the roof gives it a distinctly European look, and the unusual interior timber framing of the roof make it very different from our American barns. It has many possible re-uses: including as a home, event center or office/retail space.


The town of Korbin-Alt in Pretzsch has more than 1,000 years of history. The first written mention of Pretzsch goes back to the year 981 A.D., in a document of Emperor Otto II. In 1574, the lord Hans Löser built a magnificent Renaissance castle there. The coat of arms of Pretzsch features oak and beech forests, an indication of the kinds of woods used in the Korbin-Alt Barn.

The date on the barn foundation cornerstone is “ANNO 1800“. This cornerstone also has the inscription:“v.I.G.“ the initials for “von Itzenplitz Grieben“. VON-ITZENPLITZ is a noble family whose name appeared in a document for the first time in 1237.

From the 14th century, the village of Grieben in Korbin-Alt belonged to the VON-ITZENPLITZ Family as a manor, whose old castle was rebuilt at the beginning of the 1800’s during which time the barn was built as a granary by the VON-ITZENPLITZ Family. All beams in the Korbin-Alt barn are hewn and show no signs of being sawn.

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Barn Profile
Originally Built circa 1800
  in Grieben, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Dimensions 41 x 81
  3321 sq. ft.
Timber Species Oak and Spruce

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