What is included in the price of one of your barns?


Unlike barn frames that are sold directly off of the site, our prices are comprehensive and include:

1 – Delivery from the original location.

Transportation of the beams and all the barn parts includes labeling all the parts and getting them safely to the restoration yard.

2 – Repair and restoration.

We repair and restore our barns using original wood that matches the barn in species, color and texture, using original hand tools to create an authentic finish.

3 – Are these beams used for repairs an extra charge?

Our price includes all the beams needed for repairs.

4 – De-nailing, washing and cleaning.

Every frame needs removal of nails along with careful washing and cleaning.

5 – Fumigation

This is one of the most important steps in restoration. Small bugs make for big problems if they go untreated.

6 – Scaled drawings.

These are necessary for an accurate restoration and rebuild. We can provide your architect or builder with CAD drawings and save them lots of time in measuring and planning.

7 – Delivery to the building site.

Barn frames are heavy and dangerous to move. We provide all the heavy equipment for this process.

8 – Crew and equipment to stand the frame on location.

Our experienced crew works safely and efficiently to get your historic timber frame erected in a timely way.

9 – Insurance

There can be legal complications if you purchase a barn that is standing, and then the middleman/seller has the barn taken down by a crew that is not insured. If a worker is injured, he will likely go after you as the owner of the barn for compensation. WE ARE FULLY INSURED.

10 – Support and follow-up

We have completed over 300 barn home projects and you, your architect or your contractor can call on us at any point along the way to ask questions about how to do or where to get something.

We also offer all kinds of additional antique materials to go with our barns, (which are priced as extras) including extra beams, rustic barn siding in various colors and aging, and barn flooring.

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