Preliminary Interest 

The following are available resources for those interested in using an historic building in their project.

Barn Home Showcase
Browse our gallery of finished projects to find inspiration from the scores of customers who have successfully completed their historic barn conversion homes and projects. You’ll also find a wealth of design ideas as you explore the various ways that others have designed and finished their barns.

Customer Service Team
The staff here at Heritage Restorations is dedicated to providing our customers with a first-class experience at every step of the project. From your initial inquiry through completion of your project and even afterwards at events such as our Annual Barn Reunion Dinner, we strive to deliver fine products while making the process an exciting and enjoyable journey.

Walking Tours
Located less than a mile from the Heritage Restorations workshop, our Homestead Craft Village features many historic structures that have been converted for use as retail stores, classroom and workshop spaces. Additional buildings can be seen on the neighboring campus of the Ploughshare Institute For Sustainable Culture. Many of our customers have taken advantage of this unique opportunity to walk through and examine multiple structures within walking distance of one another. We hope you’ll consider making a personal visit part of your experience with Heritage Restorations. Please feel free to contact our staff regarding scheduling, lodging, accommodations and any other questions that you may. We hope to see you soon!

Home Tours
Many of our previous customers around the country have graciously opened their homes over the years to tours by those interested in pursuing an historic barn conversion. Please contact us and we’ll see if there’s a nearby project that you can visit.

Choosing a Frame

Call our office and let us know your ideas and questions. At this point we can show you pictures of homes we have built and prices for them. This will give you an idea of whether you want to proceed to the next step.

Inventory of Available Frames
You may have a floor plan for your house in mind or you may be currently working with an architect. Browse our Inventory of Available Barns to see if there’s a particular frame(s) that seems appealing to your size and budget requirements.

Custom Size Requests
If you don’t see something in the size that you’re looking for, please let our Customer Service Team know, as we are constantly on the lookout for old barns and buildings that would make for quality conversions.

Our team of Craftsmen will modify or make additions to an existing frame. Examples include raising or lowering the height of the connecting ties to facilitate a loft area or raising and lowering girt members to accommodate window and door placement, dormers and cupolas. Sometimes the size of frame is slightly cut down. For example a frame that was originally 32’x56’ could be made to be 30’x50’ if need be. We can also add an additional bent or fore bay to an existing structure to meet space requirements. All modifications and repair work is performed by our team of skilled Craftsmen using carefully selected matching antique timbers and traditional joinery techniques.

Design Team Services
If you’re unsure where to begin on the planning side of things, our Design Team can assist you in coming up with an entirely new plan. A consultation and interview process will help establish what your priorities and preferences are. Initial concept drawings and 3-D model rendering will help with visualization and from there we can proceed with crafting a personalized design that will maximize your use and enjoyment of the space. If you already have an architect on board, we are more than happy to assist them throughout the planning process as well.

Building Your Home

Once you’ve finalized your plans, the real excitement begins as our team of Craftsmen begins the restoration process.

Frame Restoration

If we have not already dismantled and inventoried your barn, our experienced crew will label and dismantle your frame, taking care to preserve and protect the original timbers and joinery features and then ship it to our Restorations workshop.
Once at the workshop, our team of Craftsmen will carefully inspect and wash the timbers and remove all nails, bolts, wires and other miscellaneous objects. If there are any pieces deemed to be in need of repair, our Craftsmen will use matching antique timbers, to skillfully and seamlessly restore the unique beams to their original state. The entire frame is then laid out and fitted together to ensure sound joinery and accurate measurements. It is during this time that any modifications or additions are usually made as well.


The final step in the restoration process is to have our on-staff, certified fumigator treat your frame for the presence of any possible bug infestation. We feel it is the responsible and courteous thing to do for our clients and that it fits well with our pledge to deliver a superb product.

Standing The Frame

Once your foundation has been finished, we will arrange to transport the frame and our crew to your site to stand the frame. Depending on the size and complexity of the frame, this will take anywhere from two days to a week.
Barn raisings were traditionally a time of celebration where members of a community would gather to participate in the raising of a neighbor’s barn. To that end, many of our clients have made a special event of their barn raising, inviting friends, family, press and others to enjoy the camaraderie and take in the beauty of the centuries-old craftsmanship.


Once our crew has finished standing your frame, you’re ready to proceed with the rest of your barn conversion project. Depending on your locale, we may have project managers available with the experience and knowledge to guide your historic conversion to a successful end. Contact our Customer Service team for more information.

Antique Materials

We have an extensive inventory of reclaimed wood that clients often utilize to finish out their homes. Explore our Antique Materials section to see the various ways that our clients have used reclaimed flooring, millwork and furniture to create unique and special places.