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This barn was originally built in the Schoharie Valley of New York State at Hartman’s Dorf, a settlement of Palatine Germans founded by Hartman Winedecker in 1713, and is one of the few surviving examples of New World Dutch Barns.


During the American Revolution, the Hartman’s Dorf Barn survived the British and Indian raid of October 1780 in which the valley’s barns were burned in an effort to destroy the food supply of the Continental Army.


The Hartman’s Dorf Barn contains all the features of a true Dutch Barn including:

  • The basilica floor plan with the nave and two side aisles

  • The unique “through” tenons piercing the arcade posts

  • One-piece wall and purlin plate beams cut from over forty-foot-long logs

  • Roman numeraled “marriage marks” throughout the frame used by the original craftsman to assemble the barn

Before Restoration
Barn Profile
Originally Built circa 1760
  in Schoharie, NY
Now Restored In Safford, AL
Dimensions 50 x 60
  3000 sq. ft.
Eave Height 18