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The classic barn form of the Sebastopol Barn House is the result of an historic timber frame structure dismantled in upstate New York, cleaned, cataloged and refurbished in Texas, and planned for relocation in the wine country of Northern California. The interior enclosed living spaces within the barn form are carefully designed to preserve the massive open space of the frame, weaving in and out of the existing timbers as a simple background of folding white planes, highlighting the special wood and joinery, and gathering the mysterious light, shadow, and spatial tracery of the floating beams and columns. All new elements of the architecture are constructed of simple materials, painted white, so that only the barn frame itself is highlighted. The pure form of the barn exterior is counterpoised with a low concrete wing cut into the hillside, locking the barn into its meadow landscape with simply formed outdoor courtyard living spaces formed by the two wings.

Before Restoration
Barn Profile
Originally Built circa 1860
  in Amsterdam, NY
Now Restored In Sebastopol, CA
Dimensions 34 x 55
  1870 sq. ft.
Eave Height 22
Project Size 3732 sq. ft.
Architect Anderson Anderson Architecture
Photographer Anthony Vizzari
Builder Earthtone Construction