I – Historic Notes & Discussion

II – A Heritage Barn Story

A Heritage Barn Story

In the fall of 1609, English explorer Henry Hudson sailed up the river that would later bear his name. He was in search of a westward passage to Asia, but as the water sweetened and became less [...]

Old World Meets New

More than any other factor, what differentiated American timber framing from its predecessors in the Old World was when the Old World pioneers came to America, they were confronted with a very [...]

The Barn Melting Pot

I am often asked the question of where we get our barns. When I reply, “Mostly from New York,” I am then asked, aren’t there good barns in other states? To answer this question takes a history [...]

Not all Barns are created equal

One of the questions I am asked most frequently is: “How can you tell a good barn from a bad barn?” My answer to this question is that you must look at each barn carefully with an [...]

Twice Recycled

Many of the old barns we disassemble and restore for homes were built in the 1800’s with hemlock timbers from New York State. Eastern hemlock (Tsuga Canadensis) is a conifer once widespread [...]

The Joinery Trade

We just completed another timber framing class here at Ploughshare in which we built a new timber frame of a 24 x 24 building. This is a three-day class that has bit off more than it can chew in [...]

Why were so many barns painted red?

Many years ago, choices for paints, sealers and other building materials did not exist. Farmers had to be resourceful in finding or making a paint that would protect and seal the wood on their [...]

III – Timber Frame Buildings

The Glen Barn

Built c. 1870, the Glen barn is one of the largest barns ever built in New York State measuring forty feet wide by one hundred feet long. Heritage Restorations has restored over 200 barns from [...]

Middleburg Palatine House

Adjacent to the LaRue barn1 you will find another timber-framed building that is actually an early American house. It was originally built about 1750 in the Schoharie Valley of New York state on [...]

The New World Dutch Barn

Early settlers came to America from many different countries and brought with them from Europe not only their ways of living, but also their architecture, including their agricultural buildings [...]

Old Scotch Barns in the New World

While searching out barns for dismantling and restoration in the Albany, New York area, we have over the past four years come across what seems to be a unique and rare form of barn. The Dutch [...]

Mott Gristmill

There is something about gristmills and waterwheels that resonates with just about everyone. The gristmill is an American icon that evokes sentiments of home and community, as is evidenced in the [...]

LaRue Barn

We found the LaRue barn through a phone call from a woman in northern New Jersey who had heard about our work of moving and restoring barns. She wanted to know if we would possibly want to move [...]

IV – Company News