What are the steps in building a barn home?


Building a barn home is not a mystery. To give you an idea of what it takes, we will walk you through a typical process.

1 – Initial contact

Call our office and let us know your ideas. What size home. How many bedrooms and baths, etc.

2 – Plans

You may have a floor plan for your house in mind or you may need to look at plans. We can show you plans that you can modify to your likes or we can help you come up with an entirely new plan. Instead of working with our design team, you may already have plans or want to enlist another architect to help you. We will gladly work with your plans or any architect you choose to work with.

3 – General Contractor

Our barn frame sales contract includes our standing the historic frame on your foundation. To complete the construction, you may have a general contractor, or, depending on where the project is located, we also have a general contracting company capable of completing all the construction on your home.

4 – Once you have a plan, you can determine which barn will work and whether you want to go ahead with purchasing a barn frame.

5 – Depending on your locale, you may need to go through a permit process with the local town. We have never had a problem with this permitting process that prevented the buildings from being built. Even though building a barn home is unique, it is universally accepted.

6 – You have your land and your builder and your barn frame and you are ready to begin. First, the site needs to be cleared and the foundation installed.

7 – The barn frame may already be restored and stored in our yard, or we may be in the process of taking it down. Preparation of the barn frame is not a delaying factor in most all of our barn projects. We have an experienced crew that is able to meet deadlines. It is also at this time that any alterations to the frame are done to customize it to your plan.

8 – Once the foundation is ready, we arrive with the barn frame. (Now it gets exciting.) In under a week our crew will have your barn frame erected. It is now ready for the walls and roof to be framed.

9 – Then you will go through the rest of the process of building, not unlike any other house:

Sheathing, roofing, exterior siding, plumbing and electrical, heating and air conditioning, interior finishes, cabinetry, flooring, painting, installing fixtures.

And then you move in and realize that it really is a wonderful, unique house. Everyone will marvel at it. You will become a revered historian and local legend. And you will sleep better at night with the thought that some time, hundreds of years ago, perhaps even before Thomas Jefferson sat down and wrote the Declaration of Independence or Washington and his small army crossed the Delaware, or Davy Crockett and his Tennessee Volunteers died defending the Alamo, some pioneers built your home’s frame by hand with the broad axe and adz from the wild, virgin forest. And they never imagined in their wildest dreams that one day you would be living in it . . . and neither did you.

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