• Kevin Durkin
    Kevin Durkin Founder

Whenever I’m asked about what the strongest feature of our company is, I never hesitate to say “Our People!” We could not offer the high level of service we do without them. Many members of our team having been with us for their entire working careers. They are passionate about the craft of restoration and dedicated to serving our customers.

  • Matt Brandstadt
    Matt Brandstadt Management
  • Caleb Tittley
    Caleb Tittley Management
  • Greg Godsey, AIA
    Greg Godsey, AIA Architect
  • Teb Seifu
    Teb Seifu Timber Framing
  • Don Underwood
    Don Underwood Accounting
  • Mitchell Thompson
    Mitchell Thompson Design
  • DK Sun
    DK Sun 北美农舍 | 中国 香港
  • Ben Owen
    Ben Owen Photography
  • Danny Tittley
    Danny Tittley Heritage Restorations Canada
  • Edward Jewitt
    Edward Jewitt Heritage Restorations Australia
  • Ralph Lattimore
    Ralph Lattimore Heritage Restorations New Zealand
  • Shahar Yarden
    Shahar Yarden Heritage Restorations Israel