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21st Century meets 19th Century

This barn has been relocated from New York and made into a community center at a community outside Dallas, Texas. What a striking restoration! The full stone exterior and standing seam metal roof with green painted doors and windows make for a unique and stunning building. But I cannot help but wonder what the farmer who worked in this barn for his entire life in the 1800’s would think if he saw where his barn has traveled to and what it has become! What a contrast! The hand-hewn beams juxtaposed to the modern exercise equipment. Working in that barn and climbing the wooded ladder to the hay loft, do you think he had time for a “workout”?  His work was his “workout”.

Before Restoration
Barn Profile
Originally Built circa 1810
  in Berne, NY
Now Restored In Celina, TX
Dimensions 36 x 51
  1836 sq. ft.
Eave Height 18
Owned by Light Farms
Architect Larson & Pedigo Architects 214.939.0995
Design Mesa Design Group