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When Daniel McIntyre felled and hewed the hardwoods timbers for his new barn sometime before the Revolutionary War, he undoubtedly did not imagine that one day his barn would wind up two thousand miles away in a place called Texas. Or that the men who moved it would fly through the air to get there! But here it is, transplanted to East Texas. This Scottish barn, a one-of-a-kind combination of both king and queen posts construction, is now a spectacular Texas ranch home on a ten thousand+ acre spread.

Perhaps the grandest, largest and most unique scotch barn we encountered of what we call New World Scottish Barns was from Perth, New York with a footprint of 42 x 50 feet. From the outside, one would have thought he encountered a New World Dutch barn with its 11/12 pitched roof and nearly square dimensions. But the interior framing was an unusual mix of three king posts supporting a pentagonal ridge beam and queen posts supporting purlin plates, all in the same barn. The frame was predominantly beech and chestnut and scribe ruled with five bents.

Old Scotch Barns in the New WorldPhoto: Barn original location in Perth, NY, click image to know more.
Before Restoration
Barn Profile
Originally Built circa 1780
  in Perth, NY
Now Restored In Mt. Pleasant, TX
Dimensions 42 x 50
  2100 sq. ft.
Eave Height 14